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One of the world’s most respected exponents of Gypsy Jazz guitar since Django Reinhardt

Robin and his trio have played the Django Reinhardt festival in France numerous times as headliners, he's travelled the globe for the last 2 decades taking in shows at many of the jazz world's top venues and festivals; North Sea Jazz, Montreax Jazz Festival, London's Royal Albert Hall, New York's Jazz at the Lincoln Centre to name a few.  His celebrity endorsers are a who's who of the guitar god world, "The Beatles" George Harrison named him as his favourite guitarist! 

"The Rolling Stone's" Bill Wyman has had him in his band.  Hank Marvin, a fan of Robin's regularly joins forces with him in Australia.  Prepare to be amazed at Robin’s beautifully lyrical and at times breathtakingly virtuosic musicianship and to witness some of the finest, hottest guitar playing you have ever heard... 

For The Love Of George Tour 2024

George Harrison was a fan and friend of Robin Nolan, one of the world’s leading authorities on Gypsy Jazz Guitar. Harrison even named him as one of his favourite guitarists!

Nolan has a new instrumental album being released by the George Harrison’s label ‘Dark Horse Records’ recorded at Friar Park studios.  The album is a gypsy jazz approach to some of Harrison and the Beatles most famous tracks and was recorded on three of George’s famous Beatles guitars.... 

The Gibson J160E which has the distinction of being the only guitar used on every Beatles album, the Spanish Ramirez as famously heard on 'And I Love Her' and the 12 String Rickenbacker 360/12 used by George on the bulk of the 'A Hard Day’s Night' album.

This is the first time these guitars have been recorded since the 70's, an exciting prospect for George Harrison fans as well as lovers of hot jazz guitar.


“In these days of ‘cackophony’ it’s great to hear some proper music”

George Harrison


“Robin Nolan is so amazingly good.”

Bill Wyman


“Robin plays a mighty fine guitar!”

Willie Nelson


“You play so beautifully Robin!” 

Hank B. Marvin

UK Tour Dates:

Late May / June / November 2024

(One off dates and International events considered)

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